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 the michel clan, 2 siblings + wife
 Posted: Jun 20 2015, 05:20 PM

the michel clan
So this is my request for the Michel clan! Theron comes from a big family, he has three siblings. He is the second oldest, but the oldest sister isn't in my request because she moved off of the Taj. Basically the siblings are super close and have tons of fun together. I would like them all to be living together currently, and just kind of create a really big crazy but loving family situation going on. Since their parents moved back to Nameo they would probably be living in their original house with an add on because Theron now has a wife and daughter. The siblings are Dushkari so that would be a huge part of their identity. So yah, please take them, they're pretty open, I give a little description of how I want each of them to be and the faces are only suggestions! However if you do change the sibling faces please do not change their race - on the site they are Dushkari but John Abraham is Indian and so should be his siblings FC's!
priyanka chopra / 35 / lively / sibling #2
Priyanka is the third oldest sibling and youngest daughter. She moved to Nameo with Theron so they would probably be the closest, having spent a lot of time together, bored at their grandmothers house. I imagine her to be a lot like Theron, mostly because Theron was there to help her adjust (which she somehow did easier than Theron) to living on Nameo and when they moved back to the space station. Theron has a very 'live and let live' attitude that I think would have transferred onto her. She would probably be someone who really loves life and is very spontaneous. That's really all I have for her!
manish dayal / 32 / playful / sibling #3
Manish is the baby of the family. He was three when Theron and Priyanka went to Nameo and pretty much grew up without them. He's probably a mischievous little shit. I imagine that he loves to play pranks on his siblings, and probably did them quite a lot and annoyed them to no end. He's also very loving and shows his love through being a little shit. I also imagine him as pretty blunt, he will tell you things how they are unapologetically. So, that's really all I have for him, please take him!
constance wu / 35 - 38 / independant / wife
So this is Theron's wife and they've been together since college. Their story is pretty slow, and not at all something magical. Basically Theron used to see her in the library because they were there at the same time a lot, and one day he asked her out (without ever talking to her before) and she rejected him. He just accepted that and went back to studying and that was it for a few months. And then when Theron was on the bench cheering on the football team, she came around and he was like 'wtf why is she on the players bench' but long story short she turned out to be the coach's daughter. The two then became friends and stayed in touch after college when Theron moved back to the Taj and she stayed on Colloseo for a bit. And then she moved to the Taj for work and the two ran into each other and ended up moving in together. After they moved in together they started dating and the rest is pretty much history.

So that's their story, everything else is up to you! She can be human, mixed or dushkari, I'm really not picky at all! I have constance wu up there as a suggestion but her face is totally open. I would prefer a POC or at least someone who's half, and obviously someone who's old enough to be 35 - 38.

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