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 Nameo & The Dushkari
 Posted: May 27 2015, 07:26 PM

the dushkari
The Dushkari have been around for a few millennia longer than humans, and are therefore much more advanced than humans are. They come from the planet of Nameo which is located in the bode galaxy, which is approximately 12 million light years from Earth.


The Dushkari are carbon based life, however instead of relying on oxygen and water, they rely on carbon dioxide to live. Because they are so similar to us, it is very easy for them to survive in our environment. They do need carbon dioxide supplements however, which are available in pill and in gas form through the use of an inhaler like device. The planet of Nameo is covered in carbon dioxide, which makes it a very healthy place to grow plants. Because there is abundant water on Nameo, and there are less creatures that use it, much of the water exported to the space stations comes from this planet.

They are very much ahead of our time when it comes to technology. The entire planet is powered through green technology and there is no waste. All items are recyclable or compost, and all their processing power is on handheld devices that each person is assigned to at birth. They are a socio-capitalist democratic planet, with each country being in charge of a different export. They provide a lot of social services and generally, everyone on their planet is taken care of.


By nature, the Dushkari are very kind and humble beings. They are inquisitive, much like the humans, but unlike humans, they take very little pride in being what humans would conventionally call successful. While they have a need for money, the Dushkari as a people generally put the less fortunate before themselves, an idea demonstrated in their politics and economy. The Dushkari have very low crime rates, as the need to commit a crime is low and the punishment for doing so is very high.

The Dushkari believe in science and have foregone religion. They used to be a very religious planet, and some of their members still believe in The Dushkari Elders - the seven gods in heaven. The Dushkari believe that there is no hell, for they believe that if you are a good person you will ascend into heaven. If you are not a good person, your light (the Dushkari version of a soul), will be trapped on Nameo forever in unrest.

Physically, the Dushkari are humanoid, and resemble humans quite closely - the only difference being markings on their face and bodies, closely resembling scars. As in humans, Dushkari's come from different backgrounds - and are of all different colors. There was social turmoil and segregation in the past, however for the most part the Dushkari are now much more accepting.

There has never been a dichotomy of the sexes in the Dushkari nations. The Dushkari firmly believe that a person may be male, female, both or neither spiritually, which is quite different from them biologically. Because of this, the concept of 'male' or 'female' is not widely used outside of the sciences circle, and they prefer to address everyone as 'them'. Sexuality is also known to be fluid and has never been looked down upon.


The entire planet of Nameo speaks the language of Dushkari, however the dialects in every part of this planet vary greatly and many times it's hard for people of two dialects to talk because of the grave differences. Formal written Dushkari is the same in every country. When the Dushkari first intercepted satellites from Earth, they had no clue what humans were saying. English seemed to be the most spoken language, so the scientists and linguists both focused on it.

Dushkarian religion and it's cultural events were very closely related. While the religion was stripped away in the prevalence of science, the cultural events remained behind and became completely secular. Every year the Dushkarian have, what can only be translated as, "The Parade". It used to be a giant celebration of drinking and dancing as a gesture of good will towards the God of the Ground for a successful harvest however, now it's just a day where everyone goes out and celebrates by getting drunk in the streets and having the time of their life. Other cultural events also include a planetary talent show, a new years celebration which lasts a week, and a day where they honor the past, their ancestors struggles, and how far technology has brought them. There are also sub-cultural events, though those take places in what are the more rural areas of Nameo.

Domesticating other species was a shock to the people of Nameo, never having done so themselves. However, since the humans have arrived in Nameo space, bringing with them their pets, the people of Nameo have started keeping water creatures in their house for decoration.

Nameo only has one official sport, which directly translates to football. It has a few different rules from what humans know as football, but is virtually the same (as soccer, not American football). The only major difference is that it is played in the air (sort of like quidditch without the broomsticks). Each player has a pair of gravity defying boots that they use and the goals are marked using four tall, and floating, goal posts. These markers are controlled by the techs in the control room so that the goals can move wherever the players do. The pitch is not confined to a certain area, and they are able to use the entirety of the Nameo sky if they so desire. This is not common however, and usually the players stick to a small area above the pitch on the ground. Watching these games can range to extremely expensive (boxes that move with the pitch, at playing level), to affordable (boxes that stay in one place and are a little bit below playing level).

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