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 Life on the taj
 Posted: May 27 2015, 09:28 PM

the taj
The Taj is the biggest space station in the fleet of stations. It can house up to 5,000 people, though it currently holds around 3,700. The standard temperature on the station is ~ 20C(68F), though it may differ due to various factors.

the economy

The economy on the space stations are regulated capitalist economies. There are some socialist aspects (such as many welfare programs), but for the most part the stations are run like separate countries with their own capitalist economies. The stations are almost completely self-sustained, with some necessities brought up from both Earth and Nameo, most importantly water and seeds for plant growth.

the government

The government on the space stations is set up at a per station basis. There is an oversight comittee which is situated on the Chichen Itza, who hold no governmental power except the power to investigate and impeach government officials.

The government for each seperate space station is set up like the government of the United States. It is a democracy with an executive, judicial and legislative branch. The executive branch holds the offices of the

    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary of State (official liaison to Earth, Nameo and other stations)
    • Attorney General (oversees all judicial matters)
    • Secretary of Agriculture (oversees the food supply, food growth and all agriculture related experiements)
    • Secretary of Development (oversees all new projects, upgrades as well as scientific and engineering experiments)
    • Secretary of Welfare (oversees all social programs, hospital programs and experiments to do with the human and dushkari bodies)
    • Secretary of Monetary Funds (oversees the budget and is in charge of coins.
The judicial branch is made up of two groups of courts; the district courts and the superior courts. The district courts deal with sector wide issues. All civil cases must be filed in the district that they took place in. The superior court deals with station wide criminal cases and civil cases which have been appealed. The district court judges are voted in by the members of the sector while superior court judges (6, each from sector) are chosen by the president and serve for five years each. Anyone accused of a crime serving a sentence for more than five years or for a high offense is sent back to their respective home planet, while criminals serving a sentence for less than five years or for a low offense stays on the space station. The prison is located in the military sector, on the bottom floor of the ship.

The legislative branch includes three representatives from each sector. The representatives are voted in by the sector. Voting on the station takes place according to your area of work. For example if you work in the engineering sector, you would vote for a representative from the engineering sector. If you work in an area that is not specified as a governmental sector; i.e. the entertainment sector or the dining sector then you would vote through the housing sector. the governmental sectors are

    • housing sector
    • military sector
    • science sector
    • engineering sector
    • agricultural sector
    • health sector


The iDevice was built by Apple for use on these space stations. The iDevice is not only your handheld communications device but also doubles as your ID card and your wallet. Your ID card lets you into your house, your place of work and any other secure areas that you might have access to. The iDevice is almost impregnable, there have been a few attempted hackings though no one has ever been able to break through the firewall completely, at least not yet.


Coins is the monetary system on the space stations. It works quite differently than the monetary systems on Nameo or on Earth. While there is an exchange rate and these can be exchanged if the two countries are visited, there is no paper money on the Space Station. Instead, everything is paid electronically, through ‘coins’, and there is no concept of cents. Your account can be accessed through your iDevice.

Social Structures

While both humans and dushkari have learnt from the past, there are a lot of species tension on the space station. While there is no formal segregation, there are still internalized institutions in place and micro aggressions that are affecting everyone's day to day lives.

Class and power struggles are also an issue, however they are not as pronounced as the species issue. The oversight committee is very determined to keep the governments clean, and there is a small difference between the upper and lower classes, with the middle class currently being the most prevalent.

Social programs such as low income housing, food and clothing assistance are put in place in case a citizen loses a job. There are also job programs available for those in need of one, as well as for recently released criminals. All wages on the space stations are a living wage, guaranteeing the ability to pay for rent, food and any other necessities.

Education is free on every space station up until your junior year of college. Every space station offers pre-school until the 2nd year of college, and in order to finish your higher education you must attend university on Earth or Nameo (if you can survive there), or at the Intergalactic University on Colosseo.

crime on the taj

Physical crime - such as theft, robbery and serious battery or murder is possible but very uncommon as the risk of getting caught is very high. There are cameras in every public sphere and it is almost impossible to move between private spheres without getting caught. This does not mean it doesn't happen though and bar fights are still prevalent, and most weekend nights the drunk tank on the bottom floor of the station is filled with people.

White collar crime is much more prevalent in this society as it is easier to get away with. Fraud is a bit of a problem, as it can be hard to trace sometimes, especially fraud that occurs off the internet without much of a trail except for a money transfer. There is also a growing hacking problem, especially with groups that take it upon themselves to show how much the capitalist economy can hurt the space stations, and any shady dealings that corporations are involved in.

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