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 out of the woods [past], tag: rad/talon
 Posted: Jun 16 2015, 08:28 PM

It was late afternoon, and at the moment the shop was at a standstill. He hadn’t signed contracts with too many customers today, but Diego was perfectly aware that it was payday in certain sectors of the station, so he could only assume his typical customers had their pockets full for once. Diego chuckled silently to himself; give it a few days and they would be crawling desperately through his door. (He'd welcome them with open arms, of course, but that didn't mean he wouldn't savor the business.)

On days like these, though, Diego enjoyed making little check-ups on his existing customers. It was an innocent thing, really; he only visited the people to remind them of certain – agreed upon – deadlines. It was just a quick little drop-by, never taking more than five or ten minutes (being concise and straight to the point was always important -- that is, unless there was a reason to draw things out). If anything, he was being downright helpful when he didn’t need to be, which, if you asked him, was just another perk of using his services before else’s.

At any rate, today was one of those special days, and Diego soon found himself coming up on the residence of one Talon Aquila. The boy had borrowed money some time ago, and the deadline to provide payment was fast approaching. Diego felt the excitement bubbling up in his stomach; this was only the first stop of the day, and he was rather looking forward to visiting with the younger man. Absently, he wondered what sort of fuss his customers would put up today, almost willing -- no, daring -- them to act out.

When he strolled up to the appropriate place of residence, Diego knocked lightly on the door. Another reason he stopped by unannounced was to ensure that his customers simply didn't run. He'd faced that on more than one occasion, and had quickly learned not to be so trusting, no matter how much the person swore up and down that he could rely on them. Today was no different, and as he took a step back to wait for a response to his knock, he silently hoped that Mr. Aquila was home.

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