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 shaw, zoya, 20 / government / j. ferland
 Posted: Jun 14 2015, 02:32 PM

zoya shaw
age: twenty
sector: government
job: techie for singularity
species: human
playby: jodelle ferland
alias: jaxi
timezone: cet
contact: PM me
”Life’s quite the comedic tragedy, innit? Growin’ up in the Glaswegian underbelly was shite I tell ya; like… like being in the abandoned ruins of a shut down Disney World with a proper case of curry diarrhea. But then, me mam and pa never took me to any fairground or nuffin’ so I really wouldn’t know. Wha’ I do know is that space air beats earth air, as fucked as that may sound. Aye, draggin’ meself through UNI at warp speed was worth it to breathe some filtered air for a change. The scholarship makes my arse owned by the government now though; could be worse I suppose, could be back on the isles.”

On the surface Zoya might seem like sweet cotton candy incarnated, but once you go beyond the girly neon colours and the innocent virgin smile you quickly find a potty-mouthed, cynical Scotsman with an alarmingly big brain. Appearances has made her thoroughly underestimated for most of her short life and as such she compensates with studded army jackets and a hardcore demeanor, though it usually doesn’t work as well as she’d like it to.

With a humble and poor beginning Zoya was born to two maintenance workers but showed signs of prodigal intelligence from a very early age. It became apparent to both her parents and the educational institution that she wouldn’t benefit much from going through the system in a regular manner as such she given a scholarship to attend private schools from age five that better would challenge her. It was Zoya herself who decided to focus on Computer Sciences and entered university at 14 on a government scholarship.

She did not have her degree for many seconds before she was more or less ordered to join the next crew of people heading to the Bode. Zoya wasn’t really sure how she felt about leaving earth behind at first, but never really had that much of a connection to her parents or the overpopulated slums she grew up in. Though it wasn’t like she had any say in the matter, her scholarship was conditioned on governmental employment. She was excited to get her hands on some Dushkari technology, feeling that what earth had to offer had reached a certain limit. She’d always felt she had learned more on her own than had been taught to her and as such, a technologically superior species could prove a nice challenge.

”And then I told ‘im that the TX-210 only has four power node sockets and not six, but he was a stubborn tosser and wouldn’t hear it. Of course, no way of settling it up ‘ere, not a single soddin’ unit on any of these stations as far as I know. I tried to explain to him the schematic reasoning behind the four socket design but he continued his ignorance and moved on to call me a cyan-topped tart when he finally snapped. I suspect that’s the nicest thing I’ve been called up ‘ere so far.”

Travelling to Taj, Zoya was afraid she was going to be assigned some sort of mundane security task force and work on developing the cyber security on the station. She was happily surprised when she was assigned to work for Miss Edwards in Singularity Investigations where there was room for all kinds of challenges. She doesn’t have anything against anybody in particular, but she has kind of antagonised the Dushkari as their technology is a new frontier for her to explore in all manner of unlawful and unsanctioned ways.

Upon arriving on Taj the data about Zoya was somewhat incomplete and as such the local government didn’t exactly know her capabilities and so her talents has remain somewhat of a secret. Only really her co-workers at Singularity knows what she can do, the rest of the system only really experience the subtle signature glitchings devices make when she remotely interferes with it. By now it has earned her the nickname of Glitch around those who knows her on the station, a name she wears somewhat proudly.

Unlike many of the crew members, Zoya doesn’t actually care that much about money as long as she has the equipment she needs to do her thing. As such she’s still a bit hesitant when it comes to some of the work they do outside of the governmental duties. Not that she has anything against working outside of rules, she does that on her own all the time, it just makes her a bit uneasy when it is someone else’s half-baked scheme and not her own. But she leaves the social and physical stuff to the rest of the team, she’s by far the most fragile of the group. But she manages to stay somewhat out of danger by default because of her introvert nerdy tendencies.

However, by now whispers of her existence aboard Taj is slowly starting to spread and there are other enclaves that would like nothing more than to possess their own little adolescent skeleton key to aid their own agendas. As such the risk of Zoya being abducted is increasing as the station so inevitably becomes more aware of her existence. The risk is by now only really known by Zoya herself, mostly because she’s withholding the information to the rest of the crew, trying her best not be a burden. As the youngest as weakest she fears her position might be jeopardized if she proves a liability, despite her usefulness within computer sciences.

”Hmm, seems to be a deadlock, someone is using the server. This idle fudging numpty is blockin’ me way. Gotta pull up a J.O.C.K to evict him before we can get any further. But first, let’s fetch his 411 and get a better look.”



“God these wankers should update their system.”



“Got it!”

“Seems Jennifer C. Freeberg forgot to log her arse out before vacating the terminal. I bet I know wha’ the C. stands for. Right, now that she’s out of the way, for your sins, Jenny, you now ‘ave to explain to yer BF why you changed your status to single. I’d say you got off easy.”

“Okay, we’re through. Now to fetch that TXT.”

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