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 playing mixed & dushkari characters, a must read if you are playing either
 Posted: May 31 2015, 08:46 PM

playing mixed & dushkari characters

choosing a name

The Dushkari may choose whatever name to give their children. However, if they choose to give their children a Dushkari name they must also assign them an Earth name at birth. On the space station, for easier assimilation and for legal issues, the Dushkari will be known by their Earth name. Their surnames very closely resemble ancient Greek names, however many of them changed their surname to more common Earth names to assimilate. Some Dushkari still use their original surname (and this is left up to the player to decide).

special markings

The Dushkari have markings on their face and sometimes on their bodies. While almost all Dushkari to have light markings on one side of their face (imagine them as markings from starcrossed but much much lighter, lighter than the Dushkari's skin tone itself), some may also have them on other parts of their bodies. These are the Dushkari version of birthmarks. Mixed race individuals most likely have markings, but some may fade over time or may have been hard to see to begin with.

social balances

Mixed species are becoming more and more common, however it is still looked down upon by some of those who are 'pure' in their species. Some dushkari do not take well to humans and some humans do not much like the dushkari. Words such as 'oxygen lover' (used with the dushkaris for members who socialize with humans), 'scarface' (used by humans against the dushkari), 'dioxidist' (used within the dushkari race for members who dislike humans), 'peach face' (used by dushkari against humans) and 'alienf**ker' (used by humans for members who socialize with dushkari), are thrown around. 'Speceist' is also a word that is used as an insult. Mixed species people are often refered to as simply 'mixed' or 'mixed-blood'. Drawing from the popular book series, Harry Potter, some of the humans started referring to mixed members as 'mud-blood' which caught on on both sides.

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