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 Posted: Jun 20 2015, 02:24 PM

theron michel
health / thirty eight / dushkari
say hi to theron michel, resident ball of sunshine.

he was born on nameo and raised on the space station for a little bit, before being sent back to nameo to finish up elementary and middle school so that he could get more in touch with his own culture. he moved back for high school and has been living on the space stations ever since.

he was a pretty well known football player, playing both in high school and college. he wanted to go professional but an injury prohibited him from doing that and he graduated and became a personal trainer for athletes instead.

he opened up his own health club almost ten years ago and it's been doing really well. he has a lot of clients who are athletes, either ones he played with or ones he trained before opening up his own place.

he's always been a very gentle soul. he's not pushy at all, unless he's training, and he's definitely more of a lover than a fighter. he enjoys simple things in life like good food and good friends. he has a daughter who is basically the apple of his eye, he loves her a lot.

friends he would have a big social circle. like i said, he's a gentle and kind soul, very caring and nurturing. he enjoys getting to know people and is always looking out for them. he's also very sociable. he enjoys going out with friends and having a good time, though with the birth of his daughter he's stopped going out as much. he will pretty much become anyone's friend and regardless of if you're a friend or not he'll care for you.

enemies he doesn't have many enemies. he doesn't like the idea of enemies and also, he probably isn't capable of disliking anyone. sometimes his niceness can be taken advantage of but ronnie doesn't really notice that, nor does he really mind. he's also willing to give anyone a second chance, even if you were absolutely horrible to him in the past.

lovers ronnie here is married to the love of his life and they have a daughter who's about three now. she's his college football coaches daughter and they have a complicated history which you can read about in his app, but yeah. he probably had pasts from before his wife - he did sleep around a lot and have a lot of flings in college.

please love him !

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 Posted: Jun 20 2015, 02:44 PM

theron x diego
AH okay Theron is adorable and I love him. And I think Diego would really like him too, considering Ronnie is a pretty positive/nice/gentle guy. I imagine Diego thinks he's pretty trustworthy, too, since he paid everything off and things went smoothly, so he'd def be open to being buddies with the guy. He'd probably like all the good vibes Ronnie sends out haha. And I'm sure diego was perfectly aware of Ronnie's football career, so there's a possibility he may have even been a fan? Also diego is a sucker for kids and wants his own but would still definitely refrain from pinching some cheeks w/e
 Posted: Jun 21 2015, 12:14 AM

theron x ares
Theron is a cinnamon roll too pure and too good for this world. Ari would have a huge crush on him which is mostly just him admiring Theron and his personality and how nice and kind he is. He also kind of wishes he wasn't taken.

Think Ari trying to flirt with him when he joins his gym and Theron just telling him that he's taken. Ari has noticed the ring and saying that he knows but that he can't help himself and that he doesn't have to flirt back. Ari is also kind of bad at it and it's also harmless so Theron is allowed to laugh at him and tell him to go work out and focus on that and Ari will do it. Just because Theron is 2 cute and Ari doesn't want to bother him -too much.

Also picturing Ronnie talking to Ari in dushkari when he first shows up at the gym and Ari is just .....wat. Cause he doesn't speak dushkari, he does know some words but that's about it.

 Posted: Jun 22 2015, 03:39 PM

theron x diego
Oh okay well in that case he definitely will get down to pinching some cheeks. You just can't resist that! But yeah! Diego is only a couple years younger than Theron so I'm sure whenever he wasn't working or had a little down time, he got caught up on a little foot ball. He didn't much like distractions growing up, but sometimes you just couldn't help but need a little something every now and then. Agreed tho we should def thread them. I can probably get something started up for you tomorrow!
 Posted: Jun 24 2015, 09:38 PM

theron x vallis
Omg he is seriously the sweetest ever. So I kind of figure Vallis probably spends some of his time off at Theron's health club bc he generally likes to keep himself in shape and whatnot?? Idk how often the two of them would run into one another, but I could definitely see the two of them getting along pretty decent?? Theron is a little more sociable than Vallis is, but it would probably be good for him to be around someone who's more comfortable and outgoing with other people than he is.

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