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Posted by: RAD May 29 2015, 01:20 AM
The membergroups on here are divided by the sector that your character belongs to, these are explained below. If you have any questions about which membergroup your character will be sorted in, go ahead and let us know in the cbox or message an admin with your concern!


The governmental sector includes all government employees who work for a governing agency, from the president of the space station down to the intern who works in the ID department. If you work in a governmental building, for a governmental agency, then you are in the government sector.


The military sector includes all military officials, from General to Cadet. This also includes police officers and fire emergency services as they are a branch of the military on the space stations. This does not include scientists and engineers that may be doing research for the military.


This section includes all scientists except for agricultural scientists, engineers and computer scientists. This also includes MD's who work primarily in research departments, psychologists, sociologists and other social scientists.


This sector includes all engineers and computer scientists, whether you're an aeronautic engineer or a programmer. This sector also includes mechanics who work on the pods and on other parts of the space station to keep things running smoothly.


The agricultural sector is for everyone who works in the agriculture division. All agricultural scientists are also part of this sector, as is the farmers who tend to the plants on a daily basis and the food transport services.


This sector includes all the people who work in the health department. This means all the doctors and nurses at the hospital and paramedics as well as assistant living employees, gym owners and personal trainers.


This membergroup contains anyone who doesn't work in the above sectors, including teachers, members of the performing arts community, anyone involved with sports, students, etc.

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