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 Posted: May 22 2015, 04:29 PM

the plot
The year is 2085, the population of Earth has been multiplying exponentially for the past hundred years. Scientists from every field have been working together to try and find a way to house the entire population. Radicals suggested genocide, while more moderate people suggested living underground or creating contained underwater habitats. Others looked up, towards the sky as our only hope. Even though developments were made in many different areas, the space stations were phenomenally more advanced. With research and trials dating back to 2014 (inhabitants living in space for five years at a time, the development of intergalactic travel, and massive exploration programs), it seemed obvious that the only way to go was up.

In 2101, a group of space explorers returned with the reports of a galaxy far far away that held extraterrestrials, ones that had space stations much bigger than ours. The explorers brought back a small group of these extraterrestrials, who called themselves the Dushkari hailing from the planet of Nameo in Bode’s Galaxy. They were humanoid in every way, except for tattoo-like markings on their face and arms. While our government was wary, they were also desperate. The humanoids promised to help us, in exchange for our knowledge on pure carbon based life forms – they themselves being carbon dioxide based. The space stations they would provide us would circle their planet, and once humans were settled into the space station, research would begin. With no other choice, our government agreed.

By New Year’s day in the year of 2120, seven space stations had been built. On the historic day of January 31, 2120 the first batch of scientists and military personnel went up into the space station, to make sure that everything was working correctly. When they had lived for a year successfully, the rest of the civilians who had been accepted into the space program were sent up. The government on the space station was set up and life was booming.

However, the Government on Earth still had to fulfill it’s promise to the planet of Nameo. After the full establishment of the space station, the Dushkari began coming on board to conduct their observations. The introduction of a new species – an equal species, brought about tension on the space station. Some humans and Dushkari fell in love and were able to reproduce, some of them hated each other, some thought the other were abominations. As time went on, the Dushkari began to settle on the space station. Nameo, being uninhabitable for prolonged human exposure, was ruled out as a possible planet to start a human settlement, and the two species began co-existing on the space stations.

It’s been 100 years since the Dushkari first arrived on the space stations and tension has been building. The social turmoil on the space station has been building. While there are mixed offspring of the two races, the humans and the Dushkari look at each other warily. There’s questions of which species is better, which is more worthy. Some humans feel as though the Dushkari should never have come aboard the space station and stayed on Nameo. Dushkari feel as if the humans should never have even entered their space, and should have stayed on earth. With tension at an all-time high, can these two species work together to keep the peace, or will everything be destroyed?

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