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 Posted: May 22 2015, 04:30 PM



01. Please be kind, courteous and respectful. OOC drama is not fun for anyone. If there is a problem please try to work it out amongst yourself outside of the c-box. If you still have problems, or the problem escalates and has to do with the site, please PM an admin and we’ll try and get it sorted out for you.
02. Here at BTS, we value diversity – this means characters of all ethnicity, sizes, sexual orientation and species. We would really love to have a site that represents the diversity of our planet earth, and the diversity of our universe.
03. We are a mature site, which means that some of our work may contain mature themes. Because of this we ask that everyone on this site is over the age of 18.


01. Please make sure to register with your first and last name in all uppercase. If you forget to do so, do not worry, it is not the end of the world. Just go ahead and pm an admin and we’ll get to it right away.
02. Before you register please remember to check out the face claim and member directory. We absolutely do not accept first name repeats, and last name repeats are OK if you are playing family.
03. Face claim reserves last six days (two three day reserves), and you will have a total of seven days to complete your app. If your app is not completed within one week it will be moved to the dead apps portion and your character will be deemed inactive. If you would like it to be moved back, please pm an admin and explain your situation.
04. Here on BTS we do not have a character limit, however we would like you to be aware of the number of characters that you can handle. We also have a 3:1 gender ratio. Furthermore, in order to create a third character, both of your characters must have at least three active threads: Two in character threads and one comm. The same applies for a fourth character — all three characters must have three active threads and so on.


01. Your application must be posted within one week of registering, otherwise your character will be deleted.
02. You will have seven (7) days to finish your application, which we feel is enough time to do so. If you do not finish within seven days your app will be archived for a week before your character is deleted. If you were not able to finish your app in seven days for whatever reason, please pm an admin.
03. If your app is pended you will have three (3) days to make the necessary changes before it is archived.
04. You must completely fill out your mini profile (not counting links for your shipper/dev/want ad) before it can be accepted. If your mini profile is not filled out, your app will be pended until it is.


01. We ask that you please post in at least one in character thread (not a comm), once a week. If you have not posted for two weeks then your character will be deemed inactive and moved. After your character is deemed inactive you have three days to re-claim your character in the moderation thread, and one week to post in an in character thread before your character is permanently deemed inactive.
02. On top of this, every few weeks or so we will have an activity check, just to make sure that we haven’t missed anyone. Usually these activity checks will be fairly simple – if your character has been accepted for more than a week, then you must post proof of one in character thread. If your character has been accepted for less than a week then they must have a shipper posted as well as one thread – which may be a comm. This will also give members the chance to drop any characters that they wish to.


01. There is no word count, but please do not post one liners. We understand that with a busy schedule, rapid fire is the easiest way to go, but please keep your posts at ~ 300 words or more.
02. Please do not forget to put a [TW] in the title if your thread may include a possible trigger warning, or a [M] if your thread includes mature material (R rated actions). While we are a mature site, we do ask that these two warnings be posted to make the site safer for everyone.

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